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Certain Songs #1281: Neil Young – “Unknown Legend”

Album: Harvest Moon
Year: 1992

Recorded at Redwood Digital on January 30, 1992

The formal sequel to Harvest — one might argue that Comes a Time was an informal sequel, at least — 1992’s exquisite Harvest Moon was a bit of a fluke: because he had developed a raging case of tinnitus while mixing Arc-Weld, he had no choice but to do quiet music for awhile.

I mean, I guess he could have chosen to do no music for awhile, but c’mon, this is Neil Young! So he reconvened the Stray Gators: Tim Drummond on bass, Spooner Oldham on keyboards, the always reliable Ben Keith on pedal steel and — in a surprise — Kenny Buttrey, last seen being fired during the Time Fades Away tour two decades prior.