Archive | Sep 15, 2018

Certain Songs #1321: New Order – “Slow Jam”

Album: Get Ready
Year: 2001

Because Get Ready came out on August 27, 2001, it probably got kinda lost for me. I’d been unemployed since April and spent the first three weeks of September crashing on couches in Los Angeles while working a temp job for the Star Trek website (thanks Tim!) and interviewing at IndyMac Bank for the job that within a couple of months would have Rox & I packing up our Bay Area lives and starting our L.A. lives. All of this, of course, in the wake of the destruction of the twin towers in New York.

And yet, I was still somehow able to crank out a positive review of Get Ready for Neumu, a website started by Michael Goldberg after his pioneering Addicted to Noise site ended. Probably because I had plenty of time to listen to it during my purgatory at the Extended Stay America in Monrovia, the less said about, the better.