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Certain Songs #1343: Nirvana – “Molly’s Lips (Peel Session 1990)”

Album: Incesticide
Year: 1990

It was summer of 1992, and buoyed by a gig I got as part of a rotating stable of Fresno Bee guest columnists — I could still represent the twentysomethings for a few months! — as well as a couple local underground pubs, I decided to actually take a flier at the rock criticism I’d always wanted to do.

My biggest problem had always been trying to figure out how to break in. I wasn’t on any mailing lists where I could get CDs in advance because I hadn’t got anything published, but I figured that if I just sent a review cold, the odds were that it would have already been assigned to someone else; not to mention I’d be writing it far enough after the release date that it wouldn’t make any sense to publish in a magazine like SPIN, the place where I really wanted to be published.