Archive | Nov 02, 2018

Certain Songs #1359: Oasis – “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star”

Album: Definitely Maybe
Year: 1994

For a while there in the mid-1990s, before they decided to throw their lot in with reality TV, VH1 had show called Four on the Floor, which was basically a Capital Gang or McLaughlin Group type of show, but dealing with the subjects that music writers cared about.

I know, it probably sounds horrible — especially these days — but it was exactly the type of thing I loved back then. Hosted by Anthony DeCurtis, who was kinda ubiquitous for awhile also featured JD Considine (who was most famous for his single-word review of the GTR album in Musician: “SHT”), Vibe’s Scott Poulson-Bryant and freelancer Amy Linden. It was also where I first heard of Oasis.