Archive | Nov 10, 2018

Certain Songs #1367: Oasis – “Acquiesce”

Album: The Masterplan
Year: 1995

Of course, it really wasn’t The Beatles. Or, I should say, it really wasn’t just The Beatles. The Gallagher brothers referenced The Beatles as a way to signify their ambition, but Oasis was really more of a synthesis of the whole fucking British Invasion plus key post-British Invasion U.K. bands from the punk and post-punk eras.

But more British Invasion than anything else. They were synthesis of my favorite 60s British bands. I mean, like The Kinks, they had a pair of feuding brothers in the band, one of whom was the principal songwriter. Like The Rolling Stones, they perfected a DGAF rock ‘n’ roll attitude and came across both dumber and tougher than they really were. And like The Who, the lead singer wasn’t the principal songwriter, so the words he was singing weren’t his own, but those of his frenemy, giving him some emotional distance no matter how passionately he belted them.