Archive | Nov 12, 2018

Certain Songs #1369: Oasis – “It’s Getting Better (Man!!)”

Album: Be Here Now
Album: 1997

Nearly a decade after they broke up, the conventional wisdom on Oasis (if one wants to use the word “wisdom” when discussing Oasis) was that their first two albums — and the b-sides comp The Masterplan — were masterpieces (true!); their 2000s albums were all duds (false!) and Be Here Now … well, what about Be Here Now, anyways?

Originally hailed as a third consecutive masterpiece, then over time turning into a punchline for exactly the same reasons it was hailed, it seems like a couple of decades down the line that maybe it’s getting rehabilitated again. I do know that, when people realized I was going deep on Oasis, more than one person mentioned Be Here Now as something they wanted me to write about, meaning that there is still a lot of interest in what will remain a talked-about, most controversial album.