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Certain Songs #1372: Oasis – “The Hindu Times”

Album: Heathen Chemistry
Year: 2002

While Standing on the Shoulder of Giants was recorded essentially as a three-piece, the Gallaghers needed a full band to tour behind it, so they recruited guitarist Gem Archer and bassist Andy Bell from the awesome shoegazers Ride (who will have at least one Certain Song of their own next year) to permanently replace Bonehead and Guigsy for the rest of the band’s run.

In addition, Noel Gallagher decided that he wasn’t going to write every single song, and the songwriting credits on their next album, Heathen Chemistry, were far more democratic. There has been a tiny crack in the window on the previous album, Liam sneaking in his dire “Little James,” but on Heathen Chemistry, the songwriting credits were way more distributed than ever. Noel had six, Liam had three and Archer & Bell had one each. The result was their strongest album since (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?