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Certain Songs #1377: Off Broadway – “Stay in Time”

Album: On
Year: 1979

1979 was a weird year for music: while it was clear that punk rock and disco shook everything up, it was unclear what exactly came next, and so while “My Sharona” was the biggest song of the year, and the pop charts would make room for Nick Lowe, Cheap Trick and Supertramp, rock radio was at a crossroads.

While there was the beginning of the college / alt-rock radio revolution that would dominate some of our lives in the 1970, rock radio had spent a couple of years resisting punk rock while bands like Talking Heads, Blondie and even my beloved Clash were making serious inroads, being played next to supposed mortal enemies like Led Zeppelin, Rush, and Supertramp, who were fucking everywhere that year.