Archive | Nov 24, 2018

Certain Songs #1380: O’Jays – “Back Stabbers

Album: Back Stabbers
Year: 1972

As an adult, the smooth Philly soul that came out from Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff in the 1970s has always been kind of a blind spot for me, as from my teenaged years on I’ve tended to avoid music that has “smooth” attached to it, regardless of genre.

But as a kid, I loved a shitton of the singles that came out of that factory, especially the ones by the O’Jays, who rode on top of Gamble & Huff’s massive songscapes like the long-time pros they so obviously were. And as a matter of fact, they’d been kicking around since the late-1950s, but it wasn’t until they hooked up with Gamble & Huff that they had any kind of pop success.