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Certain Songs #1395: Olivia Newton-John – “A Little More Love”

Album: Totally Hot
Year: 1978


I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before — in the course of 1400 posts, that’s gonna happen — but in the summer of 1978, I got my first job, working as a computer data entry person for the claims adjustment company my dad co-owned. I worked in the “computer room” — basically several terminals all hooked to a gigantic NCR computer, entering data and offering my takes on the programs my dad was writing to capture that data.

How long ago was this? When I first started, people were still smoking at their desks, and it was a huge huge huge deal a couple of years later when smoking got segregated to the break room. It was also during the period where there was music piped quietly throughout the entire company. Not Muzak, but the local “light music” station. Luckily, in the computer room, it was too noisy to hear the piped-in music, so we got our own radio. Unluckily, it was tuned to the top 40 station, KYNO AM, which I had recently outgrown as I turned more towards the hard the older guys on my block were digging.