Archive | Dec 21, 2018

Certain Songs #1407: Otis Redding – “I’m Sick Y’all”

Album: Complete and Unbelievable: The Otis Redding Dictionary of Soul
Year: 1966

Most of the Otis Redding songs I’ve been writing about have fallen into two camps: slow sad torch ballads or uptempo soul stompers, but “I’m Sick Y’all” falls into a third camp: down and dirty funk, like what was coming from James Brown.

That Redding had heard the sea change that Brown was cooking up was unmistakable: he covered “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag” during his historic Whisky-A-Go-Go gigs just prior to the recording of this record, and just as he had previously done with Sam Cooke, he incorporated it into his music. So the the songs he recorded in 1966 & 1967 were often definitely funkier than what he’d done previously.