Archive | Mar 07, 2019

Certain Songs #1474: Paul Westerberg – “Lookin’ Up In Heaven”

Album: Folker
Year: 2004

“Hey, what about Dead Man Shake?” That’s a question that I’m sure some Paul Westerberg fans might be asking, as they’ve noticed I’ve skipped from Come Feel Me Tremble to Folker.

It’s a good question, and for the uninitiated, Dead Man Shake was released at the same time as Come Feel Me Tremble, but it had two concepts. One, it was released as Grandpaboy, which is fine, and two, the concept was blues-rock, which wasn’t. The result was an album filled with the kind of songs that would never make any of my mixtapes, compilation CDs or best-of playlists, though I did like the John Prine cover.