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Certain Songs #1479: Pavement – “Summer Babe (Winter Version)”

Album: Slanted and Enchanted
Year: 1992

Every time I sit around I find I’m shot

This is where I came in. Despite the fact that Pavement hailed from only about 100 miles or so north from Fresno — making them the greatest band to come from the San Joaquin Valley (sorry, Miss Alans) — I hadn’t heard of them until the critical buzz surrounding Slanted and Enchanted hit like a truck barreling down Highway 99.

That might have been different had I still been at KFSR — those early EPs probably made it there — but I left the radio station in 1989, and spent the next couple years slightly less focused on discovering new music until 1991’s insanity dragged me back to it. So while Slanted and Enchanted came out in April of 1992, I didn’t get around to buying until that awful July, probably based upon Robert Christgau’s review in The Village Voice, and without having heard a single note they’d ever made.