Archive | Apr 13, 2019

Certain Songs #1510: Pearl Jam – “I Got Id”

Album: Merkin Ball EP
Year: 1995

There literally isn’t anything about “I Got Id” that isn’t kind of weird. So let’s start with the weirdest part first: “I Got Id,” which I’m guessing that pretty much only hardcore Pearl Jam fans remember at this point, was their first bona fide top ten hit single.

Sure, they’d been alt-rock and mainstream rock radio chart toppers from the very start, but not so much with the pop charts: “Jeremy” only made it #79, “Daughter” to #97, and of course neither “Corduroy” or “Better Man” were even released as singles. That said, “Spin The Black Circle” did make it to #18, but I suspect that part of that was the novelty of the song being released as an actual 45 RPM single.