Archive | May 02, 2019

Certain Songs #1526: Pete Townshend – “Let My Love Open The Door”

Album: Empty Glass
Year: 1980

I’m not going to lie: it took me awhile to come around on “Let My Love Open The Door.” After all, there were hardly any guitars on it, and it was an unexpectedly massive hit single, meaning it was all over the radio all over the time, while the far more deserving “Rough Boys” kinda got buried.

But at some point over the decades, “Let My Love Open The Door” wore down my resistance, and now I’m a total sucker for one of the most straightforward pop songs that Pete Townshend ever wrote. And I kinda consider it one of the rarest of birds: a non-danceable synth-pop song. (And indeed, because of The Who’s rhythm section, it wasn’t like Townshend wrote a lot of danceable songs, even though dancing was one of his lyrical motifs going back to when he declared he didn’t mind other guys dancing with his girl.)