Archive | May 03, 2019

Certain Songs #1527: Pete Townshend – “Empty Glass”

Album: Empty Glass
Year: 1980

I was going to call “Empty Glass” my favorite track on Empty Glass, but if that’s true, it’s just by the thinnest of margins over “Rough Boys,” and so it probably really is a tie. One thing is for sure, it’s the most musically exciting song on the album, probably because it has its roots as a song that was recorded for Who Are You.

That version was released as a bonus cut on a reissue of Who Are You, and you can hear why they left it off the album, as — if we’re honest, like many of the songs he was writing around that time — it just didn’t work with Keith Moon, who was the greatest drummer who ever lived, but most definitely had a lane, which was about five streets away from where “Empty Glass” was traveling.