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Certain Songs #1530: Pete Townshend – “Dance It Away”

B-Side, 1982

In 1979, The Who toured for the first time since Keith Moon’s death. It was mostly Europe, and East Coast cities, with the centerpiece being five nights at Madison Square Garden, which was before the tragedy that befell in Cincinnati, where 11 people were killed in a stampede.

The week after Cincinnati, Time magazine put The Who on the cover with the caption “Rock’s Outer Limits,” which was both ironic describing a band that was was trying to rebuild after a key member’s death, and weirdly apropos given what had just happened in Cincy. If I’m not mistaken, the cover story had been planned prior to the tragedy, given that in 1979, The Who were very much in the spotlight, with the tour plus The Kids Are Alright plus the film of Quadrophenia.