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Certain Songs #1537: Peter Case – “Satellite Beach”

Album: Peter Case
Year: 1986

. . .

Peter Case’s solo debut was actually recorded in 1985, but because it was seemingly a million miles away from what Geffen had signed him for in the first place, they sat on the record for nearly nine months. Which is insane, give the fact it had several brilliant songs on it, things like the bluesy “Icewater,” the chilling “Walk in the Woods,” and the closer: his gorgeous cover of future Certain Song “A Pair of Brown Eyes.”

On his website, Case writes that Elvis Costello sang the song to him at a party in T-Bone Burnett’s hotel room — T-Bone produced Peter Case and then turned around to produce King of America — and got permission from Shane MacGowan to record it before The Pogues Rum, Sodomy and the Lash had even been released.