A Ranking of Neil Young Live Albums

So a couple of weeks ago, as part of the excitement of seeing Neil Young & Crazy Horse for the first time in decades — did that really even happen? — I put together a highly controversial ranking of Neil Young’s studio albums.

And that should have been that, but no, Tim asked for a ranking of live albums, which as you’ll see is a slightly more malleable category. Obviously Time Fades Away doesn’t count, but A Treasure does, even though wouldn’t have if it had been released in 1985 instead of Old Ways. There are even a couple of things here that aren’t even officially Neil Young live albums.

  1. Live Rust
    With Crazy Horse
    Recorded: 1978
    Released: 1979
  2. Arc-Weld
    With Crazy Horse
    Recorded: 1991
    Released: 1991
  3. Live at the Fillmore East
    With Crazy Horse
    Recorded: 1970
    Released: 2006
  4. A Treasure
    With The International Harvesters
    Recorded: 1984-1985
    Released: 2011
  5. Year of The Horse
    With Crazy Horse
    Recorded: 1996
    Released: 1997
  6. Roxy: Tonight’s The Night Live
    With The Santa Monica Flyers
    Recorded: 1973
    Released: 2018
  7. CSNY 1974 (Neil’s Songs Only)
    With Crosby, Stills and Nash + Tim Drummond & Russ Kunkel
    Recorded: 1974
    Released: 2014
  8. Ride My Motorcycle (Bootleg)
    With Steve Cropper, Booker T Jones, “Duck” Dunn & Jim Keltner
    Recorded: 1993
    Released: 1993
  9. Neil Young in Berlin (VHS & DVD)
    With Ralph Molina, Nils Lofgren, Bruce Palmer & Ben Keith
    Recorded: 1982
    Released: 1983
  10. Dreamin’ Man Live ’92
    Solo acoustic
    Recorded: 1992
    Released: 2009
  11. Unplugged
    With Nils Lofgren, Ben Keith, Spooner Oldham & Tim Drummond
    Recorded: 1993
    Released: 1993
  12. Live at Massey Hall 1971
    Solo acoustic
    Recorded: 1971
    Released: 2007
  13. Road Rock Vol. 1
    With Ben Keith, Spooner Oldham, “Duck” Dunn & Jim Keltner
    Recorded: 2000
    Released: 2000
  14. Live at the Cellar Door
    Solo Acoustic
    Recorded: 1970
    Released: 2013
  15. 4-Way Street (Neil’s songs only)
    With Crosby, Stills & Nash + Johnny Barbata & Fuzzy Samuels
    Recorded: 1970
    Released: 1971
  16. Bluenote Cafe
    With the Bluenotes
    Recorded: 1987-1988
    Released: 2015
  17. Sugar Mountain – Live at Canterbury House 1968
    Solo Acoustic
    Recorded: 1968
    Released: 2008
  18. Earth
    With Promise of the Real
    Recorded: 2015
    Released: 2016

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