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Certain Songs #679: Imperial Teen – “Pig Latin”

imperial-teen Album: Seasick
Year: 1996

On the shortlist of Prettiest Song Ever Recorded, Indie Pop division, “Pig Latin” is one of a few excellent songs on Imperial Teen’s amazing 1996 debut, Seasick.

Founded by Faith No More’s keyboardist, Roddy Bottum, along with Will Schwartz, Jone Stebbens and Lynn Perko, Imperial Teen’s half-boy, half-girl, half-gay, half-straight multi-instrumentalist lineup resulted in music that was utterly unique.


Certain Songs #678: Immigrant Union – “Shameless”

immigrant-union-anyway-2014-lp-final-hi-res Album: Anyway
Year: 2014

“Hey,” Kirk said to me earlier this year, “did you know that Courtney Barnett was in a band for awhile?”

“I did not.”

“Here, let me play them for you.

And that’s how I discovered the amazingly dreamy and utterly gorgeous songs of Immigrant Union.


Certain Songs #677: Iggy Pop – “Lust For Life”

iggy-pop-lust-for-life Album: Lust For Life
Year: 1977

Because “Amount of Music > Time in Life”, we all have our blind spots. Artists that have been around forever that are loved and respected and that we’ve never been able to get around to doing more than barely scratch the surface of their career.

And for me, one of those blind spots is the full catalog of the inimitable James Newell Osterberg, Jr, AKA Iggy Pop.


Certain Songs #676: The Icons – “Trouble in Havana”

icons-art-in-the-dark Album: Art in the Dark
Year: 1985

Two years into Certain Songs, and here’s the type of obscure gem with a backstory that absolutely I live to write about.

One of the things that instantly happened after Chronic Town & Murmur was that college kids all over the country decided that they wanted to do that, and almost instantly jangly guitar bands with names like “Boxcars” and “Art in the Dark” sprung up sporting songs featuring arpeggiated guitars over rumbling beats.


Certain Songs #675: Icona Pop – “All Night”

icona-pop-all-night-cover-artwork Album: This is…Icona Pop
Year: 2013

While I know that the gigantic hit from This Is…Icona Pop was the Charlie XCX-starrer “I Love It,” which was a top ten single around the world (whatever that’s worth in the everything-is-free era), but “All Night” is the one that caught my ears, and ended up being my favorite improbable song of 2013.

As y’all probably know, EDM was never exactly my thing going back to when it was called synthpop (a line I will pretty much write in every single post about synthpop/EDM/whatever songs), so whenever an EDM song takes me by surprise, I’m always, well, surprised.