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Reasons To Be Thankful 2007

I’m really not liking very much this week. As a matter of fact, most things are making me slightly crabby. So, since Thanksgiving is next week, I’m copping out on our regular “That’s What I Like” post this week and giving you a list of the things in my life that I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for my job, except when I hate it, which I know several people will say is all the time. I’m thankful for the roof over my head, though I do occasionally wish it were a different roof – one with a backyard and a second bathroom. What I wouldn’t do for a second bathroom!


The Bi-Weekly ‘Loper – November 4, 2007

While you were sitting at home reading stories about the writers’ strike that were written by writers who won’t be striking, here is what we were sitting at home writing about:

That’s What I Like – Things From Another World

If I haven’t already secured my place in geekdom, this should do the trick. I’ve recently discovered the wonderful world of comic books. And my favorite place to get my fix is- Things From Another World.

I stumbled across their site when I was searching for an easy way to get Buffy Season Eight, which, by the way, is really good. The site is easy to search, you can sign up for their Watchdog email alerts (which I use all the time), they have a subscription service, and they carry a large selection of comics, graphic novels, dvds, collectibles, etc. Everything the comic book geek could possibly want.


The Bi-Weekly ‘Loper – September 9, 2007

While you were busy hanging on Steve Jobs’ every word . . . ok, so were we. But this is what else we were doing:

The Weekly ‘Loper – August 26, 2007

While you were busy trying to fill one of the last two weeks of summer with too many activities, this is what we were doing: