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Certain Songs #443: 54-40 – “Sound of Truth”

54-40 sound of truth Album: Set The Fire
Year: 1984

Most likely, if people have heard of 54-40, it’s because of an episode of the TV show Friends. Specifically, the one with Hootie and The Blowfish, which was actually called “The One With Five Steaks and an Eggplant.”

After the usual series of wacky hijinx and hilarious misunderstandings, the gang finds themselves at a Hootie and The Blowfish concert, where — in a very unconvincing “concert” scene — Hootie and The Blowfish aren’t playing one of their songs from Cracked Rear View, but rather a cover of the Canadian band 54-40’s “I Go Blind.”


Certain Songs #442: Felt – “Primitive Painters”

Felt Primitive Album: Ignite The Seven Cannons
Year: 1985

Felt was another band that I shoulda loved more than I did. But despite all of the jangly guitars, psychedelic textures and amazing song titles like “Dismantled King is Off Of The Throne” and “All The People I Like Are Those That Are Dead”, I never quite got into them.

Except, of course, for their absolute classic masterpiece, “Primitive Painters.”


Certain Songs #441: The Feelies – “Decide”

feelies time for a witness Album: Time For a Witness
Year: 1991

It goes to just how fucking great of a year for music 1991 was that The Feelies could release an album equally as good as their previous three and barely crack my top 20 for that year.

But so it was with Time For a Witness, the last album The Feelies would record for nearly twenty years, and as good of a record they ever made.


Certain Songs #440: The Feelies – “Away”

feelies only life Album: Only Life
Year: 1988

It’s kinda hard to write about The Feelies. I’ve loved these songs forever, but like — say, the Ramones or Best Coast — the things I love about the songs tend to stay the same for each song.

So, for example, “Away,” the penultimate song on Only Life, has been making me happy from the moment I heard it during the crushing summer of 1988, but I’m not really sure I can convey why.


Certain Songs #439: The Feelies – “It’s Only Life”

feelies only life Album: Only Life
Year: 1988

Man, this song. Coming out just two years after The Good Earth, The Feelies 1988 album — and major-label debut! — Only Life added just a skosh more noise back into the mix, as signified by their cover of “What Goes On,” which had been waiting to happen for a decade.

As awesome as that was — and when we saw The Feelies open for Lou Reed at the Universal Amphitheater a year later, Uncle Lou came out and played on their cover — the song that spoke to my mood in the dying weeks of the terrible summer of 1988 was the title track, “It’s Only Life”