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Certain Songs #201: The Church – “One Day”

Album: Seance.
Year: 1983.

Normally, following an up album as uptempo as The Blurred Crusade with a record as slow and atmospheric as Seance would trigger off huge warning bells for me, but as it turns out, 1983’s Seance is my favorite album by The Church, full of long slow dreamy make-out songs with big echoing drums and soaring guitar solos.

Certain Songs #200: The Church – “Just For You”


Album: The Blurred Crusade
Year: 1982

I love the opening of “Just For You.” It’s just somebody noodling on an acoustic guitar, when suddenly there’s a knock at the door, and someone — let’s assume it’s Steve Kilbey — goes to answer the door, and you know who’s there?

It’s the song!! Which comes flooding through the door and into your speakers in all of its gorgeous folk-rock glory.


Certain Songs #199: The Church – “The Unguarded Moment”

OfskinsandheartsAlbum: Of Skins and Heart.
Year: 1981.

In a weird way, it was minor miracle that three of the 1980s jangly-guitar bands all started at around the same time on three entirely different continents. I’m talking of course, about The Smiths, R.E.M. and The Church. 

If you’ll allow me to get theoretical for a moment (and tough if you won’t, cos I’m gonna), while all three bands were definitely musically related, they all took their influences into completely different directions.  R.E.M. initially went the direction of folk-rock; The Smiths towards Brit-pop, while The Church – who had two great guitarists as opposed to one world-changing guitar player – went deep into psychedelia.


Certain Songs #198: Chuck Prophet – “The Left Hand And The Right Hand”

temple beautiful

Album: Temple Beautiful.

Year: 2012.

For over thirty years now, the one of the best ways to discover new music that I know I’m going to love isn’t via magazine or internet or radio, it’s via Tim or Kirk. Even when we were all living in different cities in the 80s & 90s, there were very few phone calls or letters that didn’t have some discussion of what we were listening to.  


Certain Songs #197: Chuck Berry – “Johnny B. Goode”


Album: Chuck Berry is on Top.

Year: 1957.

If “Roll Over Beethoven” was a master class in lionizing rock ‘n’ roll as music, then “Johnny B. Goode” does the same for mythologizing the people who played rock ‘n’ roll. Or no doubt in this case, Chuck Berry himself.