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How ABC and Disney Spoiled “Wall-E” For The Entire World

Last night, I was watching Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics, and during one of the time outs ABC turned their cameras to show the Celebrities in the audience at the Staples Center, one of the inevitable and annoying trends of the past couple of decades.

Naturally, ABC was running through all of the usual Celebrity suspects: there was Jack, flanked as always by Lou Adler and a young chick; Dustin Hoffman; Spike Lee, etc. Suddenly, out of the blue, there was an interview or something with Wall-E, the robot subject of the latest movie by Pixar.

And all I could think was “Gee, thanks for spoiling the movie for me!”


A Robot Is As Good As Ten Mothers

The return home from SxSW can mean only one thing (besides a severe lack of sleep and the need to stop drinking): cat fur everywhere! Mounds of cat fur. Huge cat fur tumbleweeds blowing through the living room like the house has just been the location of some kind of weird feline Gunsmoke reenactment.

I’ve read that catnip use can lead to excessive shedding. If that’s true then it means our cats were nipped-out the whole time we were in Texas.

And of course, it’s finally spring. So all of this cat fur is coinciding with a pollen level that will soon have me sneezing my brains out.

Worst of all, I’m due to write this week’s “That’s What I Like” column. Oh, and now that I look at the kitchen floor I can see that Washu is adapting to her new cat food by dumping it on the floor and batting it around before eating it. It’s some sort of strange calico food-bonding ritual that I was apparently unaware of.


Robots Roundup: February 6, 2007

Because in the future, our descendants will want to figure out when the tipping point happened where Robots went from harmless playthings to — well — our new masters, we present our Robots Roundup, an occasional look at robot news.


iRobot; You Left Your Socks In The Couch Again

The Loper Household of The Future-uture-uture-uture!!!The ‘Loper households are robot friendly. We’ve got Roombas, Scoobas and even Robotic litter boxes for our non-robotic cats. (At least I don’t think that Ryoko and Washu are robots, and why wouldn’t there be Cylon cats?) So when I saw that iRobot has come out with a new programmable robot, I was naturally curious. (And, I’ll admit, slightly giddy as I read more.)

The iRobot Create comes with the basic functionality of the other members of the iRobot family, but with a twist: this one lets you decide what it’s going to do. It’s not just for cleaning floors any more.


Reasons To Be Thankful 2006

Obviously, I’m thankful for family, friends, health, employment. But forget all of that, because here is my list of the Medialoper-y things for which I’m thankful right now: