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How The End of The World Will Be on Twitter

Escape from the Black Hole swallowing Earth thanks to the Twitter!So this morning, I dialed up the Twitter, and saw that @TechCrunch had tweeted that he had discovered that Twitter users could now follow CERN, the European Organization of Nuclear Research.

Apparently CERN is going to use Twitter to send out updates about the progress of Large Hadron Collider, the gynormous particle accelerator which lies underground near the border of Switzerland & France. On September 10, they’re going to fire that sucker up and it will give Mankind the Final Key to How It All Began and a Glimpse of the Face of God.

Either that, or suck the entire Earth into an ever-expanding Black Hole that will eventually be the end of existence.



So, you might have noticed that we just had a 5.4 earthquake here in Southern California, where Medialoper HQ is located. I was standing in line at a burger joint near the corner San Vicente and La Brea when I noticed the shaking. Or actually, since I was — as usual — lost in my own head, I first noticed other people noticing the shaking.

I thought, “hey, earthquake.”

When you’ve lived in California all of your life you — well, “get used to” is probably a bit strong — tend to get dispassionate in the first few seconds of a quake. What you’re doing is measuring it, doing the math, trying to figure out if it’s actually the BIG ONE, or nearly as bad, a Big One. What you’re doing, of course, is the Richter Scale math.


My Latest Problem With Charter Communications

It is of course, no surprise to anybody how totally our local Cable Company, Charter Communications, sucks ass. In the past couple of years, we’ve discussed the absolute lameness of their HD-DVR, how their regular DVR drove Kirk & Kassia away from TV completely, as well as the amazing difficulty their customers have getting their technicians to show up for scheduled appointments

So here’s the deal: since last Thursday, nearly all of my digital cable channels are out. No HBO, no BBC America or Sundance, no ESPN HD. For whatever reason, the HD versions of our six local channels, as well as all of the analog channels like Sci-Fi, are still coming in.


Has Spiral Frog Become An Essential Part of Your Life?

Longtime readers of this site (that would be Will and John) know that there are consumer products to which we’ve never been very kind. These products include Microsoft’s Zune, anything from DuroSport Electronics and of course SpiralFrog, the major label-sponsored website that allows you to download DRM’d music for FREE! All you have to do is ignore some ads.

After first making fun of the concept, then making fun of the amazingly long time to market, and finally, making fun of the thing itself, I figured that I was done with ever writing about it ever again. Hell, I thought I was done with ever thinking about it again.

Until last night.


The Weird Case of Qtrax

FREE Music!! 25,000,000 Songs! Legal!

Those are the claims of on the current home page of Qtrax, the latest entrant in the downloadable music fray.

All I have to do, of course, is sit through advertising while downloading. Oh, and I also have to download their player in order to play the music I’ve downloaded. OK, so haven’t we already been down this route before with, you know, Spiral Frog?

Well, there is one big difference from Spiral Frog: the fact that right now the major labels are all saying “Qtrax? Who-trax?”