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9 Things That Sound Like April Fools Jokes (But Sadly, Aren’t)

Kassia is fond of saying that around ‘Loper HQ, April Fools isn’t a day, it’s a season. However, this year, real life has gotten in the way, so in honor of that, I’ve decided to point out a few actual real things that are far more absurd than most of the jokes you’ll see today.

Let’s begin, shall we.

  • Continuing Record Company Cluelessness About the 21st Century
    Last week, there was an article in Entertainment Weekly about the rush-release of the new Gnarls Barkley album. Apparently, the fact that it leaked online a few weeks early caught Atlantic records by surprise.


Why quarterlife was Such a Bomb

quarterlife, the much-hyped new series from the creators of such shows as thirtysomething, Once and Again and the eternal My So-Called Life, debuted a couple of nights ago to what some are calling “the worst ratings in 20 years.”

I don’t think that this was what NBC had in mind when they announced that they had picked it up from, er, MySpace amidst a busload of hype. Given the fact that it had a pretty high profile and was debuted during a time where there is very little serious drama being broadcast, their expectations must have been that it would at least hold its own.

And yet it failed, miserably. Why? The flip answer is that it sucked, but that’s only part of it. The full answer is a bit more complicated.


Writers Strike Deathwatch: The Golden Globes

The Writers Strike has been a bit underground in the past month or so, since there is a normal holiday downtime for new original TV shows anyway. This week, however, it took down what might be its biggest casualty yet: The Golden Globes.

With the Screen Actors Guild boycotting the event, The Globes’ massive pointlessness ramped up past the usual level, and so NBC has reduced it from a major telecast to a um, er, press conference.

Ladies and Gents, while the Golden Globes is the first major awards show (I don’t really count the People’s Choice Awards as anything but more money for Dick Clark) that the WGA strike is going to affect, it is by no means the last.


Writers Strike Deathwatch: Pushing Daisies

As the Writer’s Strike stumbles towards Christmas, the latest casualty of the AMPTP’s ongoing assholishness is Pushing Daisies, Bryan Fuller’s (all together now) quirky hour-long dramedy.

Tonight marks the last episode that was written and produced before the strike, and there are no more eps in the can. It’s a shame: Pushing Daisies was pretty much the only wholly original show that any of the broadcast networks put out there this season, and while the critical buzz was pretty strong, the ratings were mostly middling.


Writers Strike Deathwatch: Heroes

Thanks to the magic of TiVo, I caught up with what will probably be the Season Finale of Heroes, which is the latest casualty of the WGA strike. No more episodes have been produced, but as a ever-wavering fan of the show, I actually think that the strike might be a good thing for it, in terms of quality.

Here’s the thing that has always driven me nuts about Heroes: it acts as if it is a much much better show than it actually is, and Monday’s Finale was a microcosm of that.

[WARNING: there are spoilers for the Season Finale after the jump]