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Medialoper’s Coverage of The News of India From Pasadena: May 11, 2007

Recently, there was an article in the LA Times about the fact that a website called Pasadena Now that was going to outsource its coverage of Pasadena to writers in India.

The Indian writers would watch Web coverage of the Pasadena City Council meetings and then write up stories about those meetings. The City Council gets comprehensive coverage, and Pasadena Now editor saves money because he gets two writers for under $20,000 per year total. Everybody wins!

Then I thought, well, if someone in India can use the Web to cover News of Pasadena, then why not the other way around? Why I can’t I use the Web to cover the News of India while sitting here in Pasadena? And, BTW, I’m doing it for free, so beat that, Mr. Pasadena Now Editor!!

So without any further ado, we present the first of Medialoper’s Coverage of the News of India From Pasadena: