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Why I’m Thinking About Abandoning My iPhone

I have an iPhone. Old-school, 4GB, purchased on a whim last summer and, despite a glitch here and there, it’s been an amazingly handy and even transformative device.

That said, I’m dumping it because now that the T-Mobile Google Android-based G1 is out, I’m over the iPhone, which sucks sucks sucks. Not really, though I’m assuming that some of the comments on this article will act as if I said just that.

What is true is this: I didn’t purchase a 3G; and when my original AT&T contract is up next year, I’m going to take a good hard look at whichever version of the G1 is out there vs. whichever version of the iPhone is out there.

And here are some reasons why.



So, you might have noticed that we just had a 5.4 earthquake here in Southern California, where Medialoper HQ is located. I was standing in line at a burger joint near the corner San Vicente and La Brea when I noticed the shaking. Or actually, since I was — as usual — lost in my own head, I first noticed other people noticing the shaking.

I thought, “hey, earthquake.”

When you’ve lived in California all of your life you — well, “get used to” is probably a bit strong — tend to get dispassionate in the first few seconds of a quake. What you’re doing is measuring it, doing the math, trying to figure out if it’s actually the BIG ONE, or nearly as bad, a Big One. What you’re doing, of course, is the Richter Scale math.


My Latest Problem With Charter Communications

It is of course, no surprise to anybody how totally our local Cable Company, Charter Communications, sucks ass. In the past couple of years, we’ve discussed the absolute lameness of their HD-DVR, how their regular DVR drove Kirk & Kassia away from TV completely, as well as the amazing difficulty their customers have getting their technicians to show up for scheduled appointments

So here’s the deal: since last Thursday, nearly all of my digital cable channels are out. No HBO, no BBC America or Sundance, no ESPN HD. For whatever reason, the HD versions of our six local channels, as well as all of the analog channels like Sci-Fi, are still coming in.


NASA Beams The Wrong Song Into Space

Sure, I could be like the rest of the blogosphere and comment upon Microsoft’s attempted slurping up of Yahoo! If it goes through, it no doubt has ramifications for every single man, woman and child with a computer that accesses the internets.

But that’s not important right now. What is important is that NASA has decided — for the first time ever — to beam a song into space.

And even more important: they’ve chosen the wrong song. Whatever will the aliens think?


At the Tone, the Time Lady Will Be Gone

I was fairly young when some unsuspecting adult thought it would be a good idea to explain to me that I could always get the current time by dialing POPCORN.

I proceeded to abuse that information by dialing the number every five minutes to find out what time it was — among other things. I figured if the Time Lady was so all knowing about the time of day, she might have the answers to other questions as well. What can I say, I was young and Google hadn’t been invented yet.

I never did get any other answers from the Time Lady. She stuck to the time with a zen-like focus. In retrospect I think she might have what we now call “obsessive compulsive”.

Over the years I lost track of the Time Lady. Recently there hasn’t been much need to call her. In fact, I was sort of surprised to discover that she was still around and giving out the time to anyone who called — but not for much longer.

This week AT&T announced that the Time Lady’s time has run out. After September, California residents will no longer be able to pick up the phone and dial the time. AT&T is discontinuing the service, citing failing equipment, the need for additional phone numbers, and, presumably, a general lack of use, as reasons.