Certain Songs #1111: Matthew Sweet – “Lost My Mind”

Album: 100% Fun
Year: 1995

Robert Quine – Electric Lead Guitar
Richard Lloyd – Electric Lead Guitar
Brendan O’Brien – Mellotron
Ric Menck – Drums

“But Jim,” you didn’t ask, “you’ve been writing about of these posts about Matthew Sweet songs where he had either Richard Lloyd or Robert Quine play lead guitar, but I’m wondering did they ever play on the same song??”

As a matter of fact, yes!! On the centerpiece of 100% Fun, the roiling psychedelic freak-out “Lost My Mind,” he stuck Quine on the left channel and Lloyd on the right channel and had them go to town. Or actually, had them go to outer space.

We follow the same sound
Standing on the ground
The Earth she treat me kind
Left my thoughts behind
Lost my mind
Lost my mind
Lost my mind

With Sweet manning a theremin, drummer Ric Menck overworking his snare on a jumpy, jittering beat and ace producer Brendan O’Brien playing the Brian Jones memorial mellotron, “Lost My Mind” sounds a lot like “2000 Light Years From Home” as conceived by the Velvet Underground, especially in the second half as both Quine and Lloyd speed by like deranged, damaged satellites.

“Lost My Mind” is basically a series of controlled explosions, held together only by Menck’s relentless drums and — of course — Sweet’s massed vocal overdubs. To be honest, it’s so over-the-top that it’s probably a song that a lot of people who bought this album because of “Sick of Myself” or “We’re The Same” actually programmed their CD changers to skip.

“Lost My Mind”

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