Certain Songs #1115: The Mavericks – “I Don’t Even Know Your Name”

Album: Trampoline
Year: 1998

After being turned on to The Mavericks via the eclectic What A Crying Shame, I was definitely looking forward to the follow-up, 1995’s Music For All Occasions. And while that record continued the eclecticness, it felt lacking in songs to me (though the lead single, “Hear Comes the Rain” won a Grammy, so what do I know?)

Apparently, The Mavericks knew that too, because it took three years for them to put out another record, and when Trampoline came out in 1998, everything came together — all of their influences mixed together into a big stew.

And so great songs abounded, like the Tex-Mex single, “Dance The Night Away,” the 1920’s pastiche, “Dolores,” or the great lost single that never was, “I Don’t Even Know Your Name.”

With Nick Kane’s 12-string guitar twinkling in the night over Jerry Dale McFadden’s Hammond organ, “I Don’t Even Know Your Name” tells a story of instant infatuation.

In my mind a thousand times
I played the part and read my lines
You and I would be the stars
And I don’t even know your name

The only song on the album that credited to the full band — plus McFadden — “I Don’t Even Know Your Name” is one of those songs that should have been a hit, but of course in 1998, there wasn’t a radio format in the world that would touch a song by a nominal country act that sounded like a great lost Nick Lowe tune.

“I Don’t Even Know Your Name”

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