Certain Songs #1140: Miguel – “Use Me”

Album: Kaleidoscope Dream
Year: 2012

What if Prince was influenced by The Jesus and Mary Chain?

That is the question that Miguel seems to be trying to answer with “Use Me,” the shimmering, hazy psychedelic highlight from Kaleidoscope Dream, the second album from one of the more interesting crossover artists of the 21st century.

Mixing a sparse, low-key R&B beat over a deep well of reverbed guitars & synths, Miguel swerves deep into the same fucksong territory that both Prince and the Reid brothers explored as well.

Use me, I’m gonna give you control
With the lights on
If I could just let go
Forgive me, it’s the very first time
And I’m nervous, can I trust you?

Capturing that surreal moment when you’re first having sex with someone, Miguel mixes his vocals incredibly high over the musical maelstrom underneath, which somehow conveys both his excitement and his vulnerability in the moment.

Lovey and hypnotic, and rewarding each new listen with cool little guitar runs, synth effects and vocal tricks, “Use Me” was when I got all of the hype surrounding Miguel.

“Use Me”

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