Certain Songs #1198: Monsoon – “You Can’t Take Me With You”

Album: Third Eye
Year: 1983

After Monsoon disbanded, Sheila Chandra went on to a pretty successful career in world music, initially backed by Steve Coe & Martin Smith, who were the guys from Monsoon, but I only ever heard 1984’s Out on My Own, which I remember being surprised at disliking, but it was too much pop, and lacked the balance of Third Eye.

After that, I lost the plot, and while I was happy to discover that Chandra has had a long and pretty successful career — including a pair of songs in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers — I was subsequently saddened to learn that in the past few years she had contracted a disease that effectively rendered her mute, which is sad, to say the least.

With the album version of “Ever So Lonely” straddling the divide, Third Eye was divided pretty evenly between artier drones like “Wings of The Dawn (Prem Kavita),” “And I You” & “Eyes” and poppy almost dancy fare such as “Watchers of the Night,” “Shakti (The Meaning of Within)” and my favorite song on the album, the glorious “You Can’t Take Me With You.”

Pretty much any song that starts off with a ringing sitar, a rumbling bass and handclaps is going to get my attention, but unlike, say “Don’t Come Around Here No More,” “You Can’t Take Me With You” is all momentum from the start, as echoed by what I think is a celeste, Chandra sings about the end of a relationship.

No you can’t take me with you
Cos I know in my heart
That it’s just not right
And I don’t want to see things that way
Cos I know in my heart
That it’s just not right
And I don’t want to see things that way

After each of the choruses, either Sebastian Coe or Martin Smith chime in with some gorgeous piano and “You Can’t Take Me With You” just soars to the skies all the way to the end of the song as Chandra continues to sing how you can’t take her with you over and over and over.

“You Can’t Take Me With You”

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