Certain Songs #1216: My Bloody Valentine – “Sueisfine”

Album: Isn’t Anything
Year: 1988

The other song that brought me into Isn’t Anything was perhaps the the most conventional song on the album: the short sharp shocking buzzsaw of “Sueisfine,” which — if you didn’t pay that close attention — could almost be mistaken for something you’d actually heard before.

But of course, with drummer Colm Ó Cíosóig never quite committing to a straight out punk beat, or finishing his snare rolls where you would expect them to, Kevin Shields has plenty of room to pile on shiny guitars, noisy guitars and hazy guitars, all swathed in a boatload of distortion and feedback.

As always, Shields’ vocals, especially on the verses, are buried deep in the mix, but at the same time, just loud enough in the chorus that you could almost singalong with the overdubbed army of Shields singing “Sueisfine” not quite in sync.

But then, you listen a bit closer through all of the deception and haze and realize that maybe he’s not singing “Sueisfine,” but rather “suicide,” or maybe even both at the same time, but before you have time to fully ruminate on that, here comes another amazingly new guitar part to distract you.

And so it goes, alternating between being fine and being dead, and maybe even both at once, with all of those guitars keeping you from opening the box to ever completely find out.


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