Certain Songs #192: Chemical Brothers – “Setting Sun”

Album: Dig Your Own Hole.

Year: 1996.

While over the years I’ve dipped my toes into the ever-raging waters of what is currently called EDM, I’ve only been baptized a couple of times. So therefore, like when I write about hip-hop and country and jazz, you probably should assume that in no way do I consider myself an expert in any of this: I’ve heard a tiny fraction and love an even tinier fraction.

That said, I’ve been enjoying the records that The Chemical Brothers have been making for nearly 20 years now, starting with this U.K. chart-topping single that fueled the somewhat premature mid-90s “next big thing!” hype for electronic music.

Of course there was a ringer – Noel Gallagher of Oasis, who were the actual next big thing that that exact moment – and this collaboration with The Chemical Brothers worked perfectly for all involved: they got a singer who was going to attract attention across the board and he got a chance to do the remake/update of “Tomorrow Never Knows” he never could have done with Oasis.  Win-win!

Official video for “Setting Sun”

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