Certain Songs #211: The Clash – “Safe European Home”

Give 'Em Enough Rope Album: Give ‘Em Enough Rope.
Year: 1978.

I’ve had the concept for “Certain Songs” since at least 2008, but I didn’t have the framework upon which to hang it until last year, so I did write a couple of “Certain Songs” pieces for Medialoper back then. The first I ever did was for “Safe European Home,” which is still one of my all-time favorite things I’ve ever written.

That piece is also something I’ve shared at least a dozen times on various pieces of social media, so I didn’t really feel the need to re-write or re-post it here. If you want to read how “Safe European Home” changed my life, here’s the link.

Instead, I’ll point out that I just realized that my two favorite songs by The Clash — “Complete Control” and “Safe European Home” — are about other songs by The Clash.

Fan-made video for “Safe European Home”

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