Certain Songs #452: Fleetwood Mac – “That’s All For Everyone”

tusk-album-cover Album: Tusk
Year: 1979

While it took me a couple of years to buy Tusk — I didn’t get it until late 1981 — it was also the first Fleetwood Mac album I actually purchased, as there was literally no reason even then to purchase its hugely popular predecessor.

But Tusk was different. Tusk had the reputation of being a commercial failure — despite going double platinum — for the most honorable reason: experimental weirdness.

Whereas Rumours was able to hide the fundamental weirdness under huge pop hooks and lush full-sounding arrangements, Tusk — or at least the Lindsay Buckingham songs on Tusk — was all sharp corners, requiring you to work for the hooks.

Of course, that’s really not the case with my favorite song on Tusk, the trance-like “That’s All For Everyone.” Compared to a lot of his other songs on Tusk, it’s practically a Brian Wilson song, full of vocals spinning around and around each other:

That’s all for everyone
That’s all for me
Last call for everyone
Must be just exactly what I need
I call for everyone
I cry for more
That’s all for everyone
Must be just exactly what I need
That’s all
I need somewhere to go
That’s all
Must be what I need
That’s all

If the vocal round robin is Wilsonian, than the dirge-like pace of “That’s All For Everyone” is more like something from the third Velvet Underground album, which really makes it almost a lost Big Star song.

“That’s All For Everyone”

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