Certain Songs #624: Hoodoo Gurus – “Come Anytime”

hoodoo gurus come anytime Album: Magnum Cum Louder
Year: 1989

After the massive utterly 1980s sound of Blow Your Cool! didn’t raise their profile one whit in America, the Hoodoo Gurus retrenched a bit, changed record labels, and followed it with the more restrained Magnum Cum Louder.

Of course, that “restrained” is relative, but at least the drums sounded like drums again, and the spaces between the acoustic guitars and electric guitars were more defined.

And Magnum Cum Louder sported their only #1 U.S. Modern Rock song (for whatever that’s worth), the pure pop “Come Anytime.”

A love song about sex, or a sex song about love, “Come Anytime” featured a prominent acoustic guitar riff dueling with an electric guitar hook, and featured what was a new instrument for the Gurus, an organ floating throughout.

And, of course, one of their trademarks, the call-and-response chorus:

Come anytime
(Come anytime)
I won’t give you pressure
Come anytime
(Come anytime)
I can wait forever
And if you can’t make up your mind
We could make it up together

Featuring a clever arrangement that has the song start over when the chorus ends, more velocity than you might expect, and an invocation of The Handclap Rule near the end, “Come Anytime” was no less of a power-pop classic than “I Want You Back” or “Bittersweet.”

Or at least that’s how I see it now: I’m not sure I appreciated “Come Anytime” as much in 1989 as I do now. Maybe because I was taking their excellence for granted at the time, as opposed to reveling in it.

Official video for “Come Anytime”

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