Certain Songs #675: Icona Pop – “All Night”

icona-pop-all-night-cover-artwork Album: This is…Icona Pop
Year: 2013

While I know that the gigantic hit from This Is…Icona Pop was the Charlie XCX-starrer “I Love It,” which was a top ten single around the world (whatever that’s worth in the everything-is-free era), but “All Night” is the one that caught my ears, and ended up being my favorite improbable song of 2013.

As y’all probably know, EDM was never exactly my thing going back to when it was called synthpop (a line I will pretty much write in every single post about synthpop/EDM/whatever songs), so whenever an EDM song takes me by surprise, I’m always, well, surprised.

But here’s the thing: I don’t really have the musical vocabulary to explain why I love this song so much. I mean, I love how the voices of Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo meld into a glorious whole throughout, whether their voices are singing in overdubbed harmony, or whether they’re echoing against the rubbery synths and ongoing kickdrum kickdrum kickdrum kickdrum.

And of course the EDM strategy of (relatively) quiet-loud-quiet-loud — I’m just going to mention that I love the drop, because I’m pretty sure “All Night” has one — gives “All Night” an almost effortless merry-go-round feeling of joy throughout.

And that’s really the key: the joy. I love the sense of joy that “All Night” conveys about being young and having the endless potential of a brand-new night stretching out in front of you.

Come on baby we can hit the lights
Make the wrongs turn right
We can smash the club, make the pop go rock
With a love this deep, we don’t need no sleep
And it feels like we could do this all night
We could do this all night
Yeah, everything is alright

And while I can’t really relate anymore, I certainly can remember. And sing along. Which is all I can ask of a great pop song of any genre.

Official video for “All Night”

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