Certain Songs #803: John Fogerty – “Almost Saturday Night”

Album: John Fogerty
Year: 1975

Maybe because it had been five years since the last great Creedence album — Cosmo’s Factory for those of you keeping score at home — and maybe because the last two Creedence albums had been sub-par and his first solo album all covers, John Fogerty’s self-titled 1975 album has kind of been lost to history.

And that’s a shame, because it’s a far better record than the John Fogerty comeback albums that you remember from the mid-1980s.

Completely on brand as always, John Fogerty is a stew of straight-forward bluesy rock songs, smartly executed covers and a couple of all-time classics, “Rockin’ All Over The World,” and “Almost Saturday Night.”

“Almost Saturday Night” was, of course, a highlight of Dave Edmunds Twangin album, and the last great Rockpile performance on record, but I’m still not sure it’s as great as Fogerty’s take, with the guitars ringing out and the multi-tracked Johns singing the opening verse.

Outside my window, I can hear the radio
And I know that motor wagon is ready to fly
‘Cause it’s almost Saturday night

And while Fogerty’s rhythm section — John Fogerty on bass and John Fogerty on drums — aren’t as accomplished as Nick Lowe and Terry Williams, I’ll take John Fogerty over Billy Bremner on lead guitar, and the aching and yearning of Fogerty’s version speaks to me. Like he’s excited for Saturday night, but also fearing it a bit.

Who knows what’s going to happen? Might be good. Hoping it’s good. But it might not be, either. Could suck. But no matter what, it’s almost Saturday night, so I might as well as jump into it. Here we go!

“Almost Saturday Night”

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