Five Awesome Things – August 2, 2010

OK, gonna try something here: a quick weekly list of five awesome things going on in the media, technology, pop culture, politics, sports, whatever happens to strike my fancy.

No real rules on this, except that whatever I put here has to be current, and it has to be something that I’m really liking right this second.


  1. San Francisco Giants sweeping the Los Angeles Dodgers
    It’s never not great when the Giants sweep the Dodgers, but this was extra sweet, because it brought the Giants within a 1 1/2 games from first. And best of all, the sweep itself was clinched after Joe Torre called for an intentional walk — a piece of strategy I hate like the devil itself — and it backfired to the tune of a two-run triple. Sure, this Giants team could still use a bat, but they also seem special.
  2. Jon Hamm as drunk Don Draper on Mad Men
    It’s all in his face.
  3. @Discographies on Twitter
    The idea of reducing an artist’s entire career into 140 characters might seem horrifying and misleading, but at the hands of the guy behind this feed (an anonymous industry vet), it’s also utterly hilarious.

    As an example, I offer today’s entry on Elvis Costello: Elvis Costello: 1-11 “the early funny ones”; 12,13,15,17,24,29 Shadows & Fog; 16,21-23,30 Crimes & Misdemeanors; 14,18-20,25-28 Zelig.

  4. “The Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)” from the new Arcade Fire
    I gotta feeling that The Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs is going to be somewhat divisive, with the biggest complaint being that many of the songs seem the same at first blush. Which, of course, is just like flying over the suburbs. However, as you get down to the ground, you start noticing the differences, and eventually realize that every single household is unique.

    None of that has to with “The Sprawl II” — which more than anything else, reminds me of a Madonna song. A great Madonna song. Almost as good as “Ray of Light,” and unlike anything else on the album.

  5. The Comic-Con Community Panel on
    Of all of the great sitcoms that have debuted in the past year or two, only Party Down was funnier than NBC’s Community. The key? A stellar cast which has amazing chemistry, as you can tell from this video of their appearance at this year’s Comic-Con.

    It’s so much fun that it’s even worth sitting through all of the annoying commercials that NBC has placed in the video.

4 Responses to “Five Awesome Things – August 2, 2010”

  1. Brian says:

    Have to disagree with you on the intentional walk. I didn’t catch the game this weekend, but if you have runners on 2nd and 3rd, and a decent hitter is up, it totally makes sense to load the bases for the force out and double play potential.
    It’s also hard to argue with walking a hitter who’s absolutely on fire.
    I will say this, when it backfires, it backfires because you’ve just amped up the next hitter by declaring him less valuable than the hitter in front of him.

  2. Brian says:

    Also, where’s the link to the Arcade Fire song?! I had to go on Grooveshark and search for it myself. Booooo. Good tune though, and I don’t even really like the Arcade Fire.

  3. Jim Connelly says:

    I think I grew to hate the intentional walk watching managers puss out pitching to Barry Bonds more than once or twice a game.

    The fact is, even the greatest hitters ever make outs 2/3 of the time. Those are pretty good odds, especially when compared to giving the opposing team an extra baserunner.

    The only time it makes sense is when the pitcher (or a batter riding a huge cold streak) is up next.

    As far as the Arcade Fire song: I didn’t even think of it, especially since it isn’t even supposed to be out until tomorrow.

  4. Brian says:

    Hey, I can appreciate pitching around Bonds as well. If I was a Giants fan that might’ve killed me though.