Medialoper Bebop Episode 15: Skype Hunting

This week, we’re working out some technical bugs as we’re recording the podcast via iChat instead of Skype. There’s a damn good reason for this, and Kirk explains why. (2:07 – 16:00)

Then, we take a look at the hype surrounding Windows 8, and Tim admits that there is nothing that Microsoft can ever ever do to make him appreciate them. Just like certain people with Obama. (16:00 – 23:04)

Finally, it’s the third inductee to the Medialoper Great Albums Hall of Fame: Brian Eno’s 1974 masterpiece Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) (24:00 – 35:45)

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Medialoper Bebop Episode 15: Skype Hunting was recorded at 9:51PM PDT on Wednesday, Sept 14, 2011 via Audio Hijack over iChat. It was edited in Audacity.

The theme music is “Big Hand on the Seven” by our close personal friends, The Miss Alans.

No Tazmanian Devils or fake plastic kangaroos were harmed in the making of this podcast.

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