Medialoper Bebop Episode 18: A Huge Mistake

Like every other blog, podcast and media outlet in the entire multiverse, Tim, Jim & Kirk discuss the life of Steve Jobs, the products that he championed and the legacy that he left. (02:17 – 12:28)

After that, we debate the possible return of Arrested Development, and whether or not it even come back in the first place. (14:01 – 22:31)

Then, we talk about how whether or not we listen to albums as albums anymore. (22:32 – 32:07)

Finally, it’s a look at the music in Jim’s mix: Wilco, Kurt Vile and Girls. (32:08 – 35:18)

All that, and a plethora of Hitler jokes, on Medialoper Bebop Episode 18: A Huge Mistake!

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  • Tim – The “Shephard Tone” on “Born Alone” from the new Wilco album (35:34 – 37:04)
  • Kirk – The death of the iPod Classic. The Zune also died, but apparently the universe didn’t care enough to make our discussion about it properly recorded. Tough luck, Zune. (37:05 – 38:03)
  • Jim – The MLB playoffs are back! And the question is asked: are the Yankees worse than Hitler? (38:04 – 40:10)

Medialoper Bebop Episode 18: A Huge Mistake was recorded at 9:07PM PDT on Wednesday, October 6, 2011 via Audio Hijack Pro over iChat. It was edited in Audacity. The opening and closing music is “Big Hand on the Seven,” by our close personal friends, The Miss Alans.

Jim apologizes for his huge mistake: the mispronunciation of “Gob.”

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