Medialoper Bebop Episode 2: Buried in a Sea of Coverage

Michael ScottWelcome, once again, to the Medialoper Bebop podcast. This, right here, is Episode 2: Buried in a Sea of Coverage.

As always, your hosts are Jim Connelly, Tim Gaskill & Kirk Biglione, holding forth on a wide variety of topics.

There are 8 million podcasts on the naked internet, and we can guarantee you that no other podcast this week will focus on both Osama Bin Laden and Coco Crisp. Which is weird, because when we originally conceived the podcast over the weekend, we weren’t going to focus on either one.

But then, head-related things happened to each man, and we were compelled to discuss them.

For those of you keeping score at home, here is today’s starting lineup:

  • The Death of Osama Bin Laden, brought to you by Twitter!
  • The Royal Wedding, because Tim used to live in London.
  • Steve Carell and the legacy of The Office.
  • Our very first recurring segment: The Coco Crisp Afro Watch!

Also, One More Thing

  • Tim is looking forward to Peter Jackson’s Hobbit.
  • Kirk finds that the HBO Go app is a reason to keep HBO.
  • Jim is in a film about The Replacements.

The Medialoper Bebop Podcast

Medialoper Bebop was recorded on Monday, May 2, 2011 at 7:05 PM PST somewhere just north of Los Angeles, California.

Medialoper Bebop was recorded using Call Graph over Skype and edited in Audacity.

All of the opinions expressed on this podcast reflect the opinions of Medialoper, except, of course, those opinions that don’t.

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