Medialoper Bebop Episode 30: All The Great Swedes

This week, Kirk, Tim & Jim start with a discussion of the awesome smart thermostat, Nest, — by the fathers of the iPod — which has become the target of a patent lawsuit by Honeywell. (04:10 – 14:04)

Then, we talk about the new Neflix original series, Lillyhammer, (aka Silvio Goes to Norway and what it might portend for the future of programming. Oh, and of course, Steve Van Zant’s amazing acting chops. (14:05 – 19:25)

After that, it’s a quick look at Madonna at the Super Bowl, and that time an A&R rep tried to convince Kirk to play her on our college radio station. (19:26 – 23:23)

Then, it’s the return of the Coco Crisp Afro Watch! And Kirk has some absolutely stunning news. (23:24 – 27:25)

Finally, Jim reveals what’s in his mix: Cloud Nothings, Craig Finn & The War on Drugs. (27:26 – 30:25)

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One More Thing

  • Tim recommends Fred Stoller’s My Seinfeld Year (30:26 – 31:42)
  • Kirk wonders if Google Glasses are a bit ahead of their time. (32:42 – 33:33)
  • Jim discusses his long-time love for David Letterman, and that time he got thrown out of the Ed Sullivan Theater. (33:34 – 42:16)

Medialoper Bebop Episode 30: All The Great Swedes was recorded on Tuesday, February 7, 2012 via Audio Hijack Pro over the increasingly squirrelly iChat. It was edited in Audacity. The opening and closing music of Medialoper Bebop is “Big Hand on the Seven” by the Miss Alans.

This is only an exhibition, not a competition. Please, no wagering.

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