Medialoper Bebop Episode 34: Welcomed to the Jungle

Jim is finally back from Maui, and so we’re finally back with a podcast!

This week, we wonder if Axl Rose is right to refuse entry into a Hall of Fame that would induct someone like Axl Rose. (07:51 – 19:13)

Then, in 2012, should anybody be watching shows like Mad Men or Breaking Bad in anything but HD? Of course not, so we discuss the fact that DirecTV customers still have to suffer with AMC in Standard Definition. This also leads into a discussion on David Simon’s comments about people not watching The Wire properly. (19:14 – 29:55)

Then, we follow up on the DOJ’s eBooks anti-trust lawsuit. (29:56 – 37:46)

Finally, what’s in Jim’s mix: the latest records from Wussy, The Men, Nada Surf and Imperial Teen. (37:47 – 43:16)

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One More Thing

  • Tim – American Idiot onstage. (43:20 – 44:35)
  • Kirk – Mirage by Matt Ruff (44:36 – 46:53)
  • Jim – How you know you’re in Los Angeles (46:54 – 49:10)

Medialoper Bebop Episode 34: Welcomed to the Jungle was recorded on at 7:00PM PDT on Thursday, April 12 via Audio Hijack Pro over iChat. It was edited by Jim in Audacity. The opening and closing theme of Medialoper Bebop is “Big Hand on the Seven” by our close personal friends, The Miss Alans. No Axl Roses were harmed in the making of this podcast.

One Response to “Medialoper Bebop Episode 34: Welcomed to the Jungle”

  1. Nate Vince says:

    anyone watching breaking bad in anything besides HD should just be ashamed. love this show. there’s also a huge comic series based on it too if you’re a fan,