Medialoper Bebop Episode 5: Thin Wild Mercury

Bob Dylan This week on Medialoper Bebop, Jim, Tim & Kirk discuss the three Bs: Baseball, Bandwidth & Bob Dylan.

For Baseball, it’s all about the Year of the Pitcher 2.0, and whether or not the shift towards pitching is as a result of the cleaning up of the game or a natural cycle.

For Bandwidth, it’s about whether or not the ISPs are justified in invoking companies like Netflix in their new caps. Hint: not so much.

For Bob Dylan, it’s about our lifelong love of all things Bob. Duh. Oh, and the song from Self-Portrait: “Days of 49.”

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Medialoper Bebop Episode 5: Thin Wild Mercury was recorded on May 24, 2011 at 7:00PM PDT via Skype.

Happy birthday, Bob! Not that you give a shit what we think. Which is part of the point, of course.

One Response to “Medialoper Bebop Episode 5: Thin Wild Mercury”

  1. Tim says:

    A footnote for me. I think the latter resurgence of Dylan started with Oh Mercy, then the folk-y Good As I Been To You/World Gone Wrong (should have been a double album) and the great Time Out of Mind. Not a lot of badness from Dylan since ’89.