Medialoper Bebop Episode 30: All The Great Swedes

This week, Kirk, Tim & Jim start with a discussion of the awesome smart thermostat, Nest, — by the fathers of the iPod — which has become the target of a patent lawsuit by Honeywell. (04:10 – 14:04)

Then, we talk about the new Neflix original series, Lillyhammer, (aka Silvio Goes to Norway and what it might portend for the future of programming. Oh, and of course, Steve Van Zant’s amazing acting chops. (14:05 – 19:25)

After that, it’s a quick look at Madonna at the Super Bowl, and that time an A&R rep tried to convince Kirk to play her on our college radio station. (19:26 – 23:23)

Then, it’s the return of the Coco Crisp Afro Watch! And Kirk has some absolutely stunning news. (23:24 – 27:25)

Finally, Jim reveals what’s in his mix: Cloud Nothings, Craig Finn & The War on Drugs. (27:26 – 30:25)

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Medialoper Bebop Episode 29: Into Outer Space With Newt Gingrich

This week, Tim, Jim & Kirk start by discussing the implications of Google’s new privacy policies. (3:40 – 15:10)

Then, we’re all going to be Moon People. All we have to do is elect Newt Gingrich! (15:11 – 22:46).

After that, it’s the latest installment of our “You’re An Idiot” segment. This time, the idiot is Tim, who defends his unholy love for American Idol. (22:47 – 33:45)

Finally, Tim shares what’s in his mix: the new album from Mogwai, that live video of the Flaming Lips with Nels Cline and tUnE-yArDs. (33:46 – 41:00)

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Medialoper Bebop Episode 28: [REDACTED]

Kirk, Tim & Jim have all seen Moneyball, so we figured we’d talk about both the film and the concept. (05:30 – 15:20)

After that, we look at the SOPA protests, including the one on this site. And explain why Lamar Smith, the author (or “author”) of SOPA, is exactly like Snooki. (15:22 – 20:55)

Then, we look at SPIN’s plan to tweet the vast majority of their record reviews. (20:56 – 32:53)

Finally, it’s Kirk’s turn to explain what is in his mix, which has been utterly transformed by iTunes Match: Elmore James, Sharon Jones and Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs. (32:54 – 40:53)

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Medialoper Bebop Episode 27: Brain Decline

In their first podcast of 2012, Jim & Tim wonder if you’ve heard that new Van Halen song. Kirk could care less. But it does lead to a discussion about various band reunions as well as the various incarnations of Van Halen. (4:37 – 11:04)

Then, there is general worry at a British study that says brain decline starts in the mid-40s, not the early 60s. (11:05 – 19:55)

Also, speaking of decline, has any retailer had a swifter decline than Best Buy? Probably, but who can remember? Kirk traces it back to when they got into a public spat with the DuroSport Electronics Corporation. (19:56 – 29:18)

Finally, the latest inductee into the Medialoper Bebop Great Albums Hall of Fame, Horses by Patti Smith. Even though it’s Kirk’s choice, Jim is going to use this opportunity to link to his article about seeing Patti live in 1996, as well as Kassia’s article about her love for Patti Smith. (29:19 – 47:10)

All that, and the new Van Halen song! On Medialoper Bebop Episode 27: Brain Decline.

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Medialoper Bebop Episode 26: Washing Your Mouth Out With SOPA

The week, Kirk, Jim & Tim take a look at the Stop Online Piracy Act, and how its destroy-the-net-to-save-it approach towards internet piracy (or “piracy,”) threatens pretty much the entire internet as we know it.

Thank the gods that the United States House of Representatives is on the case!! (05:19 – 13:29)

Meanwhile, Louis CK (whose name I inexplicably mispronounce) shows exactly how stupid the screams of “piracy is killing our business” are by releasing a DRM-free, consumer-friendly concert. (13:31 – 24:22)

Then, it’s my latest Barry Bonds theory: he’s the Gaius Baltar of MLB! (24:23 – 27:06)

Finally, what’s in my mix? Real Estate, Wild Flag and a great single by Yuck. (27:07 – 30:36)

All that, and pot-smoking raccoons!

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