S2, E11: “One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish”

“Well, if there’s any consolation, it’s that you’ll feel no pain at all until sometime tomorrow evening, when your heart explodes.” – Dr. Hibbert.

Written by: Nell Scovell.

What would you do if you ate poison fugu and were told had only 24 hours to live? Me, I’d probably grab Rox and we’d hop a plane to wherever The Replacements were playing, hoping to die within their reach.  (Because in the fantasy world where I’d actually eat sushi, The Replacements are eternally touring.)

But the omnivorous Homer Simpson has a better head on his shoulders than I do, because he makes a list of mostly family-oriented things to experience on what he believes and sets about doing those things with the utmost sincerity. But because he is Homer Simpson, his execution leaves much to be desired.

Of course Homer is going to oversleep and get a late start, and of course Homer is going to fuck up his list – but he does it because he actually connects with his father for once – and of course, Homer is going to get arrested and miss the family dinner. 

But all of these things aren’t just played for laughs: they’re also sad because Homer is going to die, and while I’m on record as supporting the cynical social satire Simpsons over the heartwarming family comedy Simpsons, this one is also firing on all cylinders comedically, and it strikes a perfect balance between funny and sad.

Or it’s possible that getting to see The Replacements again has made me a bit soft in the head. Which is fine, as well.

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