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Medialoper Bebop Episode 7: Lions and iClouds and Beers

Lion It’s technology at the front, and music at the end as this week, Kirk, Tim & Jim start off discussing some of the things that they’re looking forward to from Apple: the new Lion upgrade to OS X, the iOS5 for mobile devices, and the iCloud.

Turns out that there is some skepticism as to how well the iMatch service will actually work for any of them, and Kirk challenges Jim to a Metadata Throwdown.

After that, Jim has the first of his Musical Moments to Die For: The Hold Steady – “The Swish,” and the MediaLoper Disclaimer is read, in hopes that the newly discovered Moldovan rip-off of Medialoper Bebop ceases and desists.

Also, Kirk shares a few of the artists that are currently in his musical mix: Charles Bradley, Dexter Gordon & The Sky Drops.

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Medialoper Bebop Episode 3: Conversation Fear

Murmur On this week’s Medialoper Bebop, Jim, Tim & Kirk discuss the following:

Whether or not the huge popularity of Netflix Instant is making a dent in video piracy, and why Hollywood continues to drive people to, er, other methods of getting content, despite evidence that people want to pay for stuff.

Why fewer and fewer people are using browsers to access the internet, as Kirk & Tim have seen their digital lives reconfigure with the advent of the iPad.

And finally, we induct our very first album into the Medialoper Great Albums Hall of Fame — R.E.M. – Murmur. Of course. What else could it be?

All of this, and Coco Crisp! On an all-new Medialoper Bebop.

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DRM, Digital Content and the Consumer Experience: Lessons Learned from the Music Industry

This is a screencast of the DRM presentations I gave last week at O’Reilly Media’s Tools of Change for Publishing conference.

The Day Apple Didn’t Change the World

Paper Steve Jobs Apple’s latest gadget is everything we hoped for, and so much less. Granted, the iPad is very cool, but it’s more evolutionary than revolutionary. It is essentially an extra-large iPod Touch with optional 3G wireless.

In my last post I identified five things I’d be watching for during the iPad event.

Here’s what I saw: (more…)

Medialoper’s Guide to Unicorn Watching

Unicorn watching tips Forget the Super Bowl. Tomorrow is the big game.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a Blackberry you’re aware that tomorrow is the day that Apple unveils its highly anticipated new product. After nearly three years of speculation, tomorrow is the day we all get to see…the Unicorn.

Rumors abound about the alleged capabilities of this mythical beast. Some say that it can fly. Others have suggested that it’s invisible. Those same people insist that it’s already here and we just can’t see it yet. There is actually a rumor floating around the net theorizing that tomorrow morning when Steve Jobs walks onto the stage to introduce us to his new creation, a shiny new Apple tablet will materialize in each of our homes. These invisible unicorns have apparently been hiding in the corner for months just waiting for the right moment to come out and meet us.

Steve Ballmer will bow down to this supernatural new technology. Pat Robertson will condemn it as satanic. Newt Gingrich will buy three.

As for you and me? Who knows. Whether or not this “revolutionary” new product actually transforms our lives in the ways that we’ve been lead to believe it might, depends on any number of things.

Here are a few of the things I’ll be looking for to determine whether the Apple tablet turns out to be a unicorn or a duck-billed platypus. (more…)