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Medialoper Bebop Episode 23: Zen Arcane

This week, Tim, & Jim and a very yelly Kirk tackle the following subjects:

First, in a brand-new segment entitled “Explain it to Kirk,” Tim & Jim explain the Twilight phenomenon to Kirk. (3:35 – 8:50)

Then, it’s reported death of the Compact Disc, which — according to some reports — is going to be abandoned by the major labels as soon as the end of this year. (08:53 – 18:00)

Here’s the chart we’re talking about in the podcast:

Also, iTunes Match has been launched, and we debate whether or not it’s worth shelling out $25.00 a year for. The answer may surprise you, though probably not if you’ve ever listened to our podcast. (18:13 – 26:10)

Once again, Medialoper Bebop Commissioner Gordon Loper harasses us with a phone message. And to spite him, you should probably follow us on Facebook. (26:11 – 28:07)

Finally, it’s a very deep look at a very deep album, Hüsker Dü’s landmark Zen Arcade, as it is inducted into the Medialoper Bebop Great Albums Hall of Fame. (27:22 – 47:58)

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Medialoper Bebop Episode 5: Thin Wild Mercury

Bob Dylan This week on Medialoper Bebop, Jim, Tim & Kirk discuss the three Bs: Baseball, Bandwidth & Bob Dylan.

For Baseball, it’s all about the Year of the Pitcher 2.0, and whether or not the shift towards pitching is as a result of the cleaning up of the game or a natural cycle.

For Bandwidth, it’s about whether or not the ISPs are justified in invoking companies like Netflix in their new caps. Hint: not so much.

For Bob Dylan, it’s about our lifelong love of all things Bob. Duh. Oh, and the song from Self-Portrait: “Days of 49.”

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The Day Apple Didn’t Change the World

Paper Steve Jobs Apple’s latest gadget is everything we hoped for, and so much less. Granted, the iPad is very cool, but it’s more evolutionary than revolutionary. It is essentially an extra-large iPod Touch with optional 3G wireless.

In my last post I identified five things I’d be watching for during the iPad event.

Here’s what I saw: (more…)

Why I’m Thinking About Abandoning My iPhone

I have an iPhone. Old-school, 4GB, purchased on a whim last summer and, despite a glitch here and there, it’s been an amazingly handy and even transformative device.

That said, I’m dumping it because now that the T-Mobile Google Android-based G1 is out, I’m over the iPhone, which sucks sucks sucks. Not really, though I’m assuming that some of the comments on this article will act as if I said just that.

What is true is this: I didn’t purchase a 3G; and when my original AT&T contract is up next year, I’m going to take a good hard look at whichever version of the G1 is out there vs. whichever version of the iPhone is out there.

And here are some reasons why.


More Fun In The New World

While the rest of the world is watching as Clear Channel slowly gobbles up every concert ventue in the known universe, AT&T is positioning itself as the go-to online concert venue, via a sub-domain called blue room. Yeah, I can’t believe I typed that sentence either.

I won’t bore you with the thread that lead to this almost-improbable happening, but suffice to say that AT&T is not, as you previously thought, just a communications company. They are communications and entertainment. And they want to entertain you.