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Certain Songs #1294: Neil Young & Crazy Horse – “Ramada Inn”

Album: Psychedelic Pill
Year: 2012

Recorded at Redwood Digital on February 26, 2012

So naturally, after perhaps the most experimental album of his entire career, Neil Young returned to the basics, and after the longest non-Crazy Horse drought of his career, released not one, but two NYCH albums in 2012.

The first one, Americana, is a bit of a controversial entry in the canon: it’s all covers, and covers of traditional songs — and, er, “Get a Job” — to boot. Oh, and they fucked with the melodies of the more well-known songs as well.


Certain Songs #1291: Neil Young & Crazy Horse – “Slip Away (Los Angeles 09-11-1996)”

Album: Year of the Horse
Year: 1997

Recorded at the The Forum, Inglewood on September 11, 1996

Along with “Big Time” and “Music Arcade,” “Slip Away” was a definite highlight of Broken Arrow, but where it truly shone was on Year of The Horse, where it had time to slowly unfold.

I mean, sure, it slowly unfolded on Broken Arrow, too, but it kinda got lost a bit, being the third long slow song in a row to start off on that record, whereas on Year of the Horse, it was the first song on the second disc, following a pair of shorter songs that ended the first disc.


Certain Songs #1288: Neil Young & Crazy Horse – “Big Time”

Album: Broken Arrow
Year: 1996

Recorded at Plywood Digital on March 25, 1996

Since 1989, Neil Young had been on a roll: five studio albums and two live albums, not to mention TV appearances, sold-out tours, and an overall acknowledgement that he deserved the lifetime pass he’d already earned by the time the 1980s rolled around.

And while it’s not surprising that all of that critical and commercial goodwill would eventually dry up, what’s weird is that it dried up on the occasion of the occasion of his third Crazy Horse album of the decade; an album that was made up of many of the same ingredients — especially the long, loose jams — that people loved about Ragged Glory & Sleeps With Angels.


Certain Songs #1285: Neil Young & Crazy Horse – “Change Your Mind”

Album: Sleeps With Angels
Year: 1994

Recorded at the Complex, Los Angeles on December 6, 1993

Lets talk a bit about David Briggs, who was Neil Young’s go-to producer for the first 25 years of his solo career, including nearly all of the records I’ve covered in depth here: Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, After The Gold Rush, On The Beach, Tonight’s The Night, Rust Never Sleeps & Ragged Glory, to name just a few.

If you check his wikipedia, he’s credited with a total of 18 producer or co-producer credits on Neil’s records before he died in 1995 (and one posthumous, Hitchhiker, which was one all-night session in 1976), and the remarkable thing is that — if you take the live albums out of the equation — no two of those records sounded alike.


Certain Songs #1279: Neil Young & Crazy Horse – “Welfare Mothers (Landover, MD 02-27-1991)”

Album: Arc-Weld
Year: 1991

Recorded at the Capitol Center, Landover, on February 27, 1991

Sure, the version of “Welfare Mothers” that was on Rust Never Sleeps was great — and its placement on side two between “Powderfinger” and “Sedan Delivery” was a great way to lighten the otherwise heavy mood created by the former and set up the noisy surrealism of the latter — but it wasn’t quite deranged enough.

I mean, sure, screaming “welfare mothers make better lovers” over and over again is already setting a high bar of derangement from the get-go, which is why it’s impressive they were able to go right over the top on the Smell The Horse tour.